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English for Modern Living is a newly published course with 6 given theme modules. It offers a systematic approach to learning English and is designed for professionals who wish to focus on expression, one on one interaction, communicating with various people and dealing with different situations in their professional business lives.

  • A learning system written by authors with a wide experience of teaching English for business in a range of international contexts, countries and cultures.
  • A  learning system  focusing on specific themes, ranging from expression of different levels of communication for work and life, to business presentations and hospitality.
  • A  learning system  that respects the modern need for flexibility; learners can follow fast, standard or comprehensive tracks though the materials.
  • A  learning system  that follows a progressive and comprehensive grammar syllabus, with the stress on the effective use of grammar for clear communication.
  • A  learning system  that supports the learner in a highly connected modern world.

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